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After all, once the world knows, they know, and you can't make them article is intended to help you take that first step out of the closet without too much risk.If you are the Chief of Staff for the White House, the local State Assemblyman, a CIA Agent, or a priest, you may want to use a bit more caution or discretion than we propose here.

We've met with them to explain our feelings and our purpose.

The Center offers mental health counseling to the community at a reduced rate.

Professional, licensed and insured mental health counselors donate their time in blocks of 3 hours per week on Monday and Thursday to provide the counseling services.

I called the local Tri Ess support group contact person fully expecting that the number would be a local deputy sheriff staking out the phone for the purpose of catching" perverts".

Intellectually, I knew that I was not doing anything wrong but I was scared to death and totally paranoid. Local law enforcement has more to do than bug gender group phones and raid local crossdresser I arrived at the local group meeting for the first time I came en "drab", that is "Dressed As A Boy", planning to use the group's changing facility.

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