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To top it off, some psychologists have divided infidelity into two components: emotional and sexual infidelity. The gray area: Exploring attitudes toward infidelity and the development of the Perceptions of Dating Infidelity Scale.

While they study the two separately, it is difficult to imagine people who have learned of their partner’s infidelity taking the time to make the distinction.

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Infidelity is a hot topic in the study of relationships.

That makes it much more surprising that there is no commonly accepted definition for infidelity in the field.

To clear up some of this muddle, Wilson and her colleagues sought to develop the Perceptions of Dating Infidelity Scale, which would allow them to identify specific behaviours that people consider indicative of infidelity. The affair was the topic of many water cooler talks.People wondered how the American President, the leader of the free world, did not know whether he cheated or not?Occasionally, he teaches a graduate seminar on the Social Psychology of Health.Extradyadic relations refer to sexual or emotional infidelity outside of the agreed-upon negotiations of the relationship.

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