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Analysis of pollen samples in the soil, the volume of soil deposits, along with analysis of ratios of isotopes of oxygen create a much clearer image of the organic content of the soils and how land use in the area changed over time.These analyses aid in evaluating: what caused soils to erode so quickly, how much of the soils eroded during specific time frames, and what consequences the erosion could have had.Two particular sets of cores (an extracted cylinder-shaped set of sediments which are fractioned into ‘layers’ indicating different compositions and different time periods the sediments are from) from 19 were analyzed in both of these studies.These cores are such useful limonological and pedological tools because there is little to no surface outflow from the lake: all the sediment that enters the lake through runoff and local waterways remains in the lakebed. At all of age ten, this soft-spoken Mayan girl is blessed with more simple wisdom than many of the leaders that over-complicate our large-scale problems like warfare. It’s not that she doesn’t like exercise or teamwork, she said; I saw her playing with all of the other girls on top of the grassy hill, and she’s as skilled and as sturdy as any of them (although less rambunctious than most).Unassumingly, Lillian started by saying that she doesn’t like P. But as she looked down the hill at the boys playing below, she explained that she doesn’t like it when people get angry.These signs of erosion coincide with the periods in which the Maya initially colonized these areas.However, what is interesting is that this development period does not coincide with the estimations of when the peak population of the Maya was reached for the area, suggesting that much of the development occurred before the population of the Maya drastically increased.

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Understanding what caused soil erosion and degradation of conditions in the past involves the use of proxies.

As shown in Figure 1, the deposition of these sediments was far from consistent, with many hundreds of years packed into a very small space that was contained in a smaller vertical space in the column.

Nevertheless, the three columns that were extracted in the two years together encompass the Maya occupancy of the surro Figure 1: The calibrated age of organic matter particles against the composite depth of cores from Lake Salpeten. 2002) The slope of the line changes with depth which represents the change in sediment accumulation rate- faster when the Maya were initially clearing land for agriculture & settlement and slower before and after Mayan occupation.

It was hard to miss the quick jump that her eyes made, though, back to the girls, as she spoke.

As I asked her more and more, Lillian started translating the slurs of Maya that the girls on the field were throwing around raucously about an African girl, Claudi, and a sweet light-skinned half Amish girl, Marina, who were playing with my camera.

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